Easson ES-12B 2 Ax Lathe DRO, 8×40 With (.0001 Hi Res Cross Scale)



  • Latest Design
  • Highly Visible, LCD Graphic Display
  • Fully loaded with all the features you would expect
  • .0001″ High Resolution Cross Slide Scale, (Supplied in a slim size for much easier fit on a lathe cross slide)
  • User Selection for color, type, etc. A very universal display
  • Scale Sizing shown below under Description

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This Easson ES-12B DRO  With Graphic Display as Pictured, is a Universal DRO that can be set up for a lathe, milling machine, grinder, etc. This digital readout housed in a compact, slim, high performance plastic case, with a color graphic display as shown for much easier reading then traditional displays. (User can select color of their choice in the setup)
Fully loaded with all the features you would expect including. It is the ideal DRO for a cost effective solution without compromising on performance.
● Optical Glass encoders, Hi Res .0001″ Cross Scale Resolution, and .0002” Bed Scale Resolution
● High visibility and user friendly graphic display
● One touch axis zero keys

This Easson ES-12B DRO Set for Lathes is 2 axis, includes scales with 8″x40″ Travels, This set is complete with:
1. ES-12BDRO Graphic Display, with Mounting Bracket, Power Supply, and 110V Power Cord
2. 200mm Slim Cross Slide Scale, .0001″ Resolution  (Slim scale to fit most any lathe cross slide)
3. 1000mm Bed Scale, .0002″ Resolution
4. Bracket/Hardware Set for installation

Please see manual below for scale sizing and more information


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Manuals & Documents


Click Here for manual:   ES12-B DRO Manual

IF YOUR SCALES ARE NOT READING PROPERLY, PLEASE SEE PAGE B1 AND START FROM THERE, YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE DRO TO MATCH YOUR HIGH RESOLUTION CROSS SLIDE SCALE AS SHOWN ON PAGE B10. Cross Slide scale resolution needs to be set to .001, and Bed/Carriage Scale Resolution is to be set to .005.  (Go through the rest of the setup first, select Lathe, and No. of Axis is 2, Select your language, etc)

Be sure that you have the Cross Slide scale plugged in to the TOP plug in the back of the display, and the Bed/Carriage Scale in to the plug just below the cross slide. This is not optional, plug them in as stated for it to work properly.

Following these guidelines above will assure that you are up and running quickly.


 Scroll all the way down in the manual towards the end. On page B10, it shows which parameter needs changed. Youll start on page B5 when it shows you how to get in to the parameter setup. So do this:

Start on page B3 and read it, then how to do it starts on page B5. Do not look at any pages before this.

1. Shut the DRO off.

2. Look at page B5. Turn the DRO on, and once its On, Press the Enter button to get in to parameter setup. (If you dont get in to parameter setup, try to shut it off and do this over a few more times, sometimes you have to press the Enter button at just the right time)       It will say SET UP on the dro screen, you know you are where you need to be.

3. Press the Down arrow once, then press Enter. Use the up/down arrows to Select LATHE, and then press ENTER again.

4. Use the Down arrow until you get to NO OF AXIS, Press ENTER. Press the number 2, to select 2 axis, Press ENTER.

5. Press the Down Arrow until you see the screen say RESOLU      Then press ENTER. Press the X Button until the X Axis changes from .005 to .001 . Press ENTER.

6. Now press the down arrow and don’t touch anything else, press the arrow until is says QUIT, Press ENTER and you are done, it will work right now.