PM-1440TL 1640TL & 1660TL Ultra Precision Lathes

Main Features Of This Machine:

  • Extremely High Quality Lathe, meant for very high precision work, and suitable for every day use. Perfect for the professional user who is looking for the best available machine
  • 100% Made in Taiwan, no shortcuts taken, built to a very high level of quality
  • Very heavy duty machine, almost 2 tons of iron in these models
  • Priced very, very reasonably when compared with other similar high quality models – and no one out there has the 2.55″ Spindle bore. Compare Carefully
  • Excellent machine for industrial shop use, built for daily, all-day use
  • High Precision, Hardened and Ground gears throughout headstock lead to extremely smooth and quiet running for a geared head lathe and very long life
  • Leadscrews Are True Inch Pitch Screws (Not Metric Conversions Like Many), 10 Threads Per Inch (.100” Per Turn)
  • Backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty

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PM-TL Lathe Series


PM 2 Axis Lathe DRO, 10x44 With (.0001 Hi Res Cross Scale)

SKU: DRO-PML2ax-10x44
10x44 size Fits 1440-TL and 1640-TL
10x60 fits 1660TL
We will give you the proper size according to your order.
Not installed unless installation is selected below.

Available on backorder

Installation of above 2 axis DRO


PM-TL Lathe Taper Attachment

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10" High Precision 4 Jaw Lathe Chuck, D1-6 Mount

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5/8 Shank Turning Tool Set

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5/8 Turning Tool / 3/4 Boring Tool Set

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BXA Master Turning/Boring Tool Set

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1/2 Internal/External Threading Tool Set

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3/8 Turning / 3/8 Boring Tool Set

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Wedge Quick Change Tool Post Set, CXA Size

SKU: 251-333

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PM-1440TL/PM-1640TL/PM-1660TL Main Features

  • Highest Quality Lathes, Made in TAIWAN
  • Large 2-1/2″ Spindle Bore clear through spindle for through-
    headstock work (Actual dimension 2.55″, will pass a 2-1/2″ bar)
  • No change gears needed for the entire range of Inch and Metric thread pitches
  • Inch AND Metric thread cutting ability is a standard feature
    True INCH PITCH main lead screw, cross feed, and
    compound lead screws make it easy to use for the INCH
    measurement System, yet still has the Metric readings on
    dials for the ultimate in versatility for any job that may come
  • Power feed on Carriage, and Cross Slide, both left and right,
    and in and out, for both turning and facing operations with
    automatic feed. Allows for the best surface finish in all
  • Induction Hardened and Precision Ground Bed Ways to
    resist wear and give a long service life
  • Turcite B coating on carriage for extremely smooth operation and long life
  • All gears and shafts in headstock hardened and precision
    ground for long life, and precision ground for extremely quiet running
  • Meehanite Cast Iron used for rigidity and vibration
  • Wide 10-1/4″ bed provides more stability in heavier work
  • Removable Gap for larger diameter work
  • High quality electronics used throughout machine
  • Slip Clutch on feed rod, to help prevent overloading damage
    of feeds and allow the use of a solid micrometer carriage
    stop for repetitive work
  • High Precision Tapered Roller Bearings used in spindle, for the
    ultimate in long life, high precision, and best surface
    finishes. Guaranteed Run Out +/- .0001″ for ultimate
  • One shot lubrication pump on carriage for easier lubrication and longer life
  • Only Extremely High Precision Japanese Spindle Bearings
    are used
  • Locking Tang in tail stock is provided
  • Longest in the industry, 5 Year Warranty!

All Lathe Packages all come with:

  • High Precision 9” 3 Jaw Chuck, with Bolt On Jaws (can also use soft jaws)
  • D1-6 Camlock Spindle
  • 2.55” (65mm) Spindle Bore
  • L.E.D. Work Light
  • Leveling Pads
  • Complete Cast Iron Base with slide out Chip Tray
  • High Precision (Japan) Spindle bearings, with +/- .0001″ Max Spindle Runout
  • Back Splash Guard
  • Reducing Sleeve for Headstock Center
  • 4 Way Tool Post
  • Headstock Dead Center
  • Tail Stock Dead Center
  • Thread Chasing Dial
  • Feed Rod Clutch (To prevent overloading and using carriage stops)
  • Everything Needed for listed Inch and Metric Thread Pitches
  • Steady Rest
  • Follow Rest
  • Coolant System (Single phase coolant pump, for those who want to run the machine with a VFD, no need to change out the pump)
  • Foot Brake
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Headstock center to tailstock center 40″ / 60″ max
  • Swing over bed 14″/16″
  • Swing over cross-slide 8″ / 10″
  • Swing over gap 21″ / 23″
  • Gap insert length 10 in.
  • Spindle face to tailstock quill face 44″ / 64″. max
  • Cross-slide travel 8-3/4″
  • Compound (top slide) travel 4-15/16″


  • Spindle Mount D1-6 Camlock Quick Change
  • Internal taper of Spindle (With included reducing sleeve) MT 4
  • Spindle bore 2.55” in. diameter (will pass a 2.500″ piece)

Spindle Speeds:

  • Low range, rpm 36, 50, 70, 105
  • Mid range 130, 180, 250, 380
  • High range, rpm 620, 900, 1200, 1800


  • Carriage drive, thread cutting Leadscrew 4 TPI
  • Inch threads Choice of 45, from 2-72 TPI
  • Metric threads Choice of 39, from 0.2 mm to 14 mm pitch
  • Diametral Pitch (Worm Gear) Choice of 21, 8-44 DP
  • Module Pitch (Worm Gear) Choice of 18, .3-3.5 MP
  • Longitudinal Feed rates from 0.002 to 0.067 in./spindle rev
  • Cross Slide Feed Rates from 0.001 to 0.034 in./spindle rev


  • Internal taper MT4
  • Quill travel 6 in.
  • Quill Diameter 2.47”

Dimensions, approximate overall, incl. stand:

  • Length: 1440/1640 – 89″, 1660 – 109″
  • Spindle centerline to floor: 46/47″ in.
  • Weight,net, approximate: 3410/3550/3750 (add approx. 300 lbs for shipping weight)


  • Power requirement 220 Vac, 60HZ, 3 Phase, 30 Amp Circuit
  • Motor TEFC type, 1725 rpm, 5HP (Single speed motor, not dual speed, great for VFD use)

Shipping Information


Flat Rate of $799 Shipping anywhere in the 48 US States. Liftgate Delivery is not available for this model, this must be unloaded by forklift or similar method



Manuals & Documents


Click here for Manual and Parts List: Manual PM 14 16 TL Series


Headstock: Mobil DTE Light, approx. 2 gallons (Mid Sight Glass)

Thread/Feed Box: Mobil DTE Heavy/Medium, approx. 1.5 Qts (Mid Sight Glass)

Apron: Mobil DTE Heavy Medium, OR Mobil Vactra #2, approx. 1.3 Qts (Mid Sight Glass)