Way Oil, #2 (ISO 68) Quart


Precision Matthews Premium Way Oil:

  • Designed Specifically for Precision Matthews Lathes, Milling Machines and other equipment
  • Suitable for most brands of lathes and milling machines, grinders, turning and machining centers, screw machines, manual, CNC, etc.
  • Excellent Anti Wear and Extreme Pressure Properties
  • Excellent Anti Stick-Slip Performance
  • Warranty Approved
  • Made in USA

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Precision Matthews Premium Slideway Lubricant is a top quality, high performance way oil, made from high viscosity index base oils and select additives to provide excellent anti wear and extreme pressure characteristics, low friction properties, adhesiveness, and is specifically designed to prevent stick-slip problems to ensure good surface finish on the machined parts. This oil is compatible with cast iron, steel, bronze, and all modern plastic slideway materials (Such as Turcite B).

This oil is suitable for use with all Precision Matthews equipment such as:

  • All of the small brass ball oiler locations on Precision Matthews and similar equipment
  • Lathe Ways, associated bearings and leadscrews (Carriage, cross slide, compound slide, leadscrew, tailstock, etc)
  • Lathe Apron Gearboxes, when the ways are lubricated via a pump system from the gearbox (Such as the apron on our PM-TL series lathes)
  • Milling Machine Ways, associated bearings and leadscrews
  • One shot lubrication pumps which oil ways, bearings and leadscrews
  • Excellent for both CNC and Manual applications
  • Excellent for Ball Screws
  • Formulated for both horizontal and vertical slide way systems
  • Great for use on planers, shapers, drilling machines, milling machines, lathes, screw machines, and much more
  • Excellent demulsibility as it separates from water easily
  • Anti Foam Properties
  • Excellent anti-wear and EP properties provide high level of protection for slideways, gears, bearings and hydraulic system components
  • Good for use in gear boxes and feed mechanisms of all types with or without wet electro magnetic clutches

Technical Specifications:

  • API Gravity             28.39
  • Specific Gravity     0.885
  • Viscosity @ 40C      68
  • Viscosity Index       102
  • Flash Point          230C, 446F
  • FZG Scuffing Test, Fail Stag    13
  • Copper Strip Corrosion, 3h@100C 1B
  • Stick Slip Performance   <0.8


Continuous contact with used oil has caused skin cancer in animal tests. Avoid prolonged contact.
Thoroughly wash exposed areas with soap and water. Keep out of reach of children. Don’t pollute.
Conserve resources. Return used oil and bottle to collection centers

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