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Terms and Conditions of sale:

Orders for In Stock Items:
We strive for extremely fast shipping. We begin the shipping process

immediately after an order is placed, and a lot of work goes in to preparing an
order for shipment.  Due to this reason, we must charge a 10% cancellation
penalty for any orders that are canceled before they are shipped from
our location. This applies to standard orders only, without any special
accessories installed. Any orders with special accessories to be installed is covered below.

*Effective 10/11/2019 – ANY Order that is paid with Paypal will have an additional cancellation fee of 2.9% of the total refunded amount. This applies if canceled, refunded, or returned for ANY reason. This is due to the fact that Paypal has changed their policy and does not refund the original fees charged. Example: You order a $1,000.00 item, and decide to cancel it 5 minutes after you order it.   We are charged a 2.9% Paypal Transaction fee on that sale ($29.00 in this case) which is not refunded to us. So even though you cancel and we refund you, it costs us the 2.9% no matter what, so this amount will not be refunded. There are absolutely no exceptions to this, we suggest that customers pressure Paypal to change their policy, this is out of our control.

Orders for In Stock Items with Installations: 

(Example, but not limited to installed DRO’s, or other accessories) will be
charged a 25% cancellation charge if canceled before shipment from our

Any order canceled after the item has shipped will be subject to a 25% restocking fee, plus all original shipping costs. (If it was “Free Shipping”, the customer will be responsible for our actual shipping costs.) Customer is responsible for returning all merchandise to the specified location, in original packaging, in new, perfect condition. All packaging must be in original condition. Any alterations to original packaging may result in additional charges above the 25% restocking charge.

IMPORTANT: Any orders that are ordered as in stock, but the customer requests to hold and ship at a later date, are non-refundable for any reason. If the customer decides to cancel in this situation, the cancellation penalty will be the full amount of the order. For example: a customer orders an item that is in stock but can not accept delivery yet, so requests us to hold the item for a certain time period before we ship. This would be non refundable for any reason. Also, storage charge of $100 per month would apply after 60 days of holding.

Deposits for orders that are not in stock at the time order is placed
(Customer will know this at time of order, shown as a backorder if ordered online, or as a backorder if ordered by phone/email):

Any deposit placed for an item that is not in stock, where the customer chose
to place a deposit to secure an order, is NON REFUNDABLE. Minimum deposit
amount is 20% of the order to hold an item for a future shipment. This deposit is
not refundable under any circumstances other than shown on invoice. 

If Customer cancels a deposit order, deposit will be forfeited in full. We will
notify the customer once their order is in. Any deposit orders not paid in full
within 15 days of notification will be canceled and full deposit forfeited. This
only applies to our standard item configurations, and does not apply to special
orders which is covered below. Any item which has any extra accessories
installed, or an item that we do not normally stock is considered a special
order, and is covered below.

Cancellation penalty for a back-ordered item that was paid in full at time of order is 20%. (This applies only to non special order items, special order item terms may vary, please check your invoice)

Special orders:
Special orders require a minimum 50% Deposit, and are non refundable for any

reason. We will notify customer once their order is in. Any special orders not
paid in full within 15 days of notification will be canceled and full deposit

Warranty and Disclaimer:

Quality Machine Tools, LLC / Precision Matthews limits all implies warranties to the stated warranty period for each product. Any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are specifically excluded. Warranties specifically exclude any sort of repair service, it is for PARTS ONLY with no exceptions. More information on our warranty can be seen on our F.A.Q. Page in this web site.

This warranty does not apply to defects due to misuse, abuse, negligence, mishaps, improper repairs, improper wiring, lack of maintenance, or alterations.

All products are warranted to the original purchaser only, it is non transferable.

We do not warrant that any of our products meet local, state, or international codes or laws. It is the customers responsibility to verify this information with any state or local agencies.

In no event shall Quality Machine Tools, LLC liability under this warranty exceed the price paid for the product. Any legal action brought against Quality Machine Tools, LLC / Precision Matthews shall by tried in the state of Pennsylvania, county of Allegheny. In no event shall be responsible for any losses due to late deliveries, defective merchandise, or any reason whatsoever.


Customer Conduct:

Customer agrees to be RESPECTFUL TO OUR STAFF AT ALL TIMES. We will always do our best to help you, and we will take care of you if there is any problem, I can assure you that. And we understand that people can sometimes get upset. Any obscene language, threats whether against harming a person or our company reputation, yelling, screaming, temper tantrums / laying on the floor kicking and screaming will not be tolerated. Seriously, if you can not abide by this and do not know how to behave as a human being, don’t order from us. If you behave in a polite and respectful manor, we will go out of our way to make sure that any issues are promptly resolved.

Content of Web Site:

ALL text, photos, manuals, every part of this web site is Copyright Quality Machine Tools, LLC and no part whatsoever is to be used or copied without specific written consent from us.

It is understood that by completing this order you have read and agreed with
the terms above. We strive to do our best to make sure your purchase with us
exceeds your expectations. If you have any questions about anything, please
feel free to call us at 412-787-2876 or contact us by email.  

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